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        1. Disclaimer

                       Declaration of invalidation of prohibited words and limit words

              GS-SOLAR (CHINA) COMPANY LTD. support and implement the   prohibited words, limit words usage regulation of << Advertisement Law>>;

              Since now, all the pictures, titles and detailed pages of our products, involving such words, shall be immediately invalid, not as the basis of product description.

              We try our best to avoid using “prohibited words” and “limit words”. If the product picture, title and details page, etc., involving such words, all invalid under this declaration.

              Any customer (consumer) who order and buy from us shall accept this declaration by default and will not use as the product description basis. 

              If you have any questions, please feel free on contact us to amend, delete or explain, thanks for your cooperation.


                                                                GS-SOLAR (CHINA) COMPANY LTD.

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